Today’s dinner

Hello. I’m practicing how to cook spring vegetable. I have bambooshoot today!


You can get it at the grocery store only during spring and it’s normally expensive. And this is my first time to cook it by myself. I used to eat it at home cooked by mom. The first thing I did was of course searching how to cook it on google. I just knew I need to boil it first before you cook but I had no idea how to peel it and boil. Actually you don’t have to peel it, just cut the little top part of bambooshoot and put it in water and boil. Don’t forget to boil with rice bran and chili to remove bamboo smell.


I boiled it almost one hour and waited another 30mins to cool it down in the boiled water. Then I peeled it. You can peel it very easily but maybe get surprised when you see the bambooshoot becomes so small and a very little left to eat. Like this.


Anyway the preparation has done and I cooked it! I cooked it with beef like Sukiyaki with potato and spring onion.


Okay. I’m satisfied with what I’ve done. Here’s today’s dinner.


My husband will be home soon. Itadakimasu 🙂



Looking for spring vegetable

Hello. It still rains today too. And it makes me depressed and it’s cold! The only thing I did today was going to the post office and dropped some important documents. I don’t feel like to do anything on this kind of day. Oh but I can’t miss the TV drama “STUITS” tonight. I was so busy that I can’t see the first series of previous season, but I wanna check it out tonight. I watched the original one on the hulu and I found the Japanese actor, especially the hero, acts almost exactly the same as the original. I was surprised.

Despite of the cold weather today, I decided to have some spring vegetable for dinner. I found some at the grocery store.


I had green peas which is a bit expensive, and spring cabbage. They both look fresh green. I cooked rice with green peas with a spoonful of salt and sake.


Ohhh it looks delicoius and smells good. After that I boiled spring cabbage and mixed it with salted dry seaweed.


Okay. All I need to do is to grill salmon by the time my husband gets home.


The aroma of old Kyoto coffee

Good Morning. A day starts. Starting my day with breakfast and coffee.


I sometimes enjoy coffee with my husband at home in the afternoon on weekend. It is one of my favorite time with him. We spend time slowly, watching TV show or chatting little things.


The other day I bought a roasted coffee to try out at home.


It’s INODA COFFEE. This is very famous and an old coffee brand in Kyoto. Compared to the cofffee from the grocery store nearby, it is definitely expensive. But I wanted some sort of branded coffee for the weekend. INODA COFFEE started in 1940 and have been loved by people for a long time. You can have not only coffee but also mainly breakfast and lunch at the cafe. Definitely, you can have a graceful morning there. I strongly recommend you to visit the main shop if you have any chance as it is the oldest shop and enjoy the atmosphere of old times in Kyoto. The building still remains the old style of housing in Kyoto. It is located at the sakaimachi street between Shijo and Sanjo area in Kyoto. Also, like me, it is a good choice to take the coffee bean to enjoy at home or as gifts to your family or friends.

There is another temptation when you walk through one of their branch. I used not to help but stop right in front after work and think. The veriety of cakes attracts me so badly. So, if you get tired of taking a walk in Kyoto, why don’t you come by and take some rest with a cup of coffee and sweet cake? This is one of the cakes which I took home after work.


Another my recommendations is, their Fruit Sandwhiches!


I had it at the cafe. It’s good sometimes to have such a specialty as a late lunch. The refreshing and a preasant smell of roasted coffee was around the shop. I wonder the fruit of the sandwhiches changes depends on the season.



Found a little spring here

Hello. I like spring  so much. It’s comfortably warm. I decorate the corner of the window with artificial flowers all year around and I changed the decoration recently. I get and picked some new ones up from DAISO, a popular all 100 yen shop nearby.


I made the color with yellow, white and light pink. Thus spring has come to our home:) Thanks to DAISO!

Plus, another spring has come. Please look at this.


Our little Marguerite has buds now, which we planted the seedling at the end of March. How cute. Since it is our first time to plant flower, we can’t wait to see her bloom beautifully. At the same time, we have planted the basil continuously from last year but it has not come out yet. Here’s photo of basil and mint we grew last year and hopefully it will grow up twice as last year.


Homegrown herbs smell very well and fresh. We mixed the basil with our home cooking meals and enjoyed fresh mint tea before going bed. They grow up towards summer so excited to see them strech out their green leaves at full extent.

By the way, the coloful and cute stand of the little Marguerite is a handmade. Yes, it was made by my husband. It is like this.


He put the colorful tile one by one very carefully. I can’t do the same for sure. And it is also made from DAISO at some part. Cute 🙂 It seems to take some more time for little Marguerite to blossom as it is still cold in the morning. But we’re looking forward to see her make beautiful flower.


Sakura day out in Kyoto

It is rainy today and could not go out even for getting some ingredients at the grocery store. As I was in bed almost half of the afternoon, my husband cooked me for dinner with something in the frige. Today’s dinner was the omlette rice:)


While I use ketchup (tomato) sauce to mix rice, he used oyster sauce and garlic with rice and put beef stew sauce on top. The oyster sauce goes well with the beef stew sauce beyond your imagination. It was delicious and I had a good dinner time.

Once it rains, the sakura easily get fallen and turns out to be green, very sadly. Well, I would love to show you some of the photos from sakura day out this spring with my husband. We visited Myokenji in Kyoto, which is a small temple and a little known for sakura but is a good place. The color of sakura was brightly pink as you see in the photos and was beautiful.




Myokenji  :  514 Myokenjimaecho, Kamigyoku, Kyoto city.  About 15mins walk from Imadegawa subway station.

Open 10:00AM – 4:00PM,  TEL: 075-414-0808

The temple is in a quiet residential area and good to take some walk. You can find the campus of Doshishya University right in front of Imadegawa station, which is one of the top universities in Kyoto. So it is also a town of students.




Cooking is not easy

Hello. The other day I went to the nearest convenience store to grab a yogurt for the breakfast and found a pretty recipe book. I decided immediately to buy it.


It is a recipe book for those who want to enjoy cafe meal at home. It is written by Mrs. Yuri Yamamoto, one of popular cooking specialists and top bloggers. The book is in series and I bought it for the first time but I think it’s how cute if I cook as what in the book. What if I could be a cute housewife, it makes me think and have a daydream to be a pretty housewife who looks very cute in her apron, which is a bit far from me in real.

The reason I bought this book is of course I want to cook better. BETTER than my husband or keep up with him at some part. My husband have lived alone for more than 10 years and kept cooking at home so he is very good at cooking. Even he LOVES cooking. So I want to improve my cooking and have some ideas from the book. I’d like to share a photo of my husband cooking. He cooked for lunch on weekend.


This is soba noodle with grilled chicken and rape blossoms. It looks beautiful. He found the black container himself to dish up soba noodle to present it elegant and aesthetic. He seemed to like it, as I do. It’s fun cooking meals each other at home. I would like to share a photo of mine as well, given an idea from the cafe receipe book.


How is it!? I’m sure I did my best. I could enjoy cooking as well. I made a rice with mixed grain for the first time. Recently it’s often served at cafe for lunch. It tastes good and healthy.


I want to keep practicing and make a good and delicious meal at home.